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Welcome to our chapter’s website. Our hope is that you will find our words and our images fit our mission, our goals but more importantly our passion. We are small but growing group that want to make a difference in our local community with maybe some contribution to a global awareness of conservation. It is a big job but worthy of at least a little of our time. Fortunately we are not in it alone.

We live in a unique area that contains the highest biodiversity of flora & fauna and is home to more species of plants & animals than any other comparable region in the entire country.

While birds, which are our primary focus, the many that may not live here often visit our area to rest, possibly nest and raise their young.  One of our goals is to make sure those migratory birds can continue to come and have an environment still suited for the purpose of their visit and  to educate our transient population why that is important.

Because of our military presence and our tourism our area has an ever changing population and so education and our awareness campaign never goes away.

If our passion is contagious and we hope it is join the National Audubon Society and your membership to our little group is free..

Please take a moment to watch this new video from Audubon Florida: http://youtu.be/aIAfP12jTNQ.            

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